Great StickStar Clinic September 9-10, 2017!

Why Train with StickStar?

Our Component-Based Instructional Methodology allows us to teach concepts and skills in small pieces which players can utilize with our affiliates, and with their regular season programs.

The Compounded Interest in terms of system and skill understanding is rather unique to our approach.  The more time you train, the more familiar you become with your skills, movement & communication, and your subsequent ability to use them consistently.  Because we offer consistent training through our affiliates they will develop these skills and along with them a greater understanding of our approach to execution.

Our method has proven to work over a duration of time lasting 14 years, and with players from across the State.  Moreover, the skills and style we teach stems from a desire to create a readiness for the Next Level of Competition.  Whether taking the step from 5/6 to 7/8, 7/8 to JV, HS, MCLA, or NCAA, we build quality lacrosse players.

While everyone enjoys using the “stock term” of Lacrosse IQ, we believe understanding the Language of Lacrosse is much more beneficial.  With StickStar we have a vocabulary that helps us build skill, movement, and adjustments.  Some of the conversations we have with our players during training or games are remarkable.  They can really convey what they are seeing and ask intelligent questions.  Utilizing the Socratic Method of question based learning and understanding, we reinforce our Vocabulary in an effort to build consistency.  Our players can communicate, which makes learning easier for everyone.

We look forward to getting down to work, continuing the development of players all across the StickStar Republic.